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winner of 'Garage Voice Album Of The Month' from the Grenoble Campus Radio

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Desperate to Please CD Contents

i’m coming back 3:37

spandex reflex 2:31

golden boy 4:57

the darkness 3:08

glittering heap 3:38

cling to him 6:04

hotel avenir 3:09

interlude 2:19

sunset street 3:09

strange sun 2:19

radio interstellar love 4:32

winners aftershave features

Chris Spence voice/ guitars/ bass

hector dodd bass/ guitars/ keys/ bvs

mike menzanorak guitars/ percussion/ bvs

Dexter "Basher" Dinsdale drums/ percussion/ bvs/ synth


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Winners Aftershave biography

Back in the pre-Britpop early 90s, the London based Honey Smugglers found themselves rubbing shoulders with those genres which came to be known as baggy and shoegaze, their punchy psychedelic pop with a lyrical edge found itself somewhat at odds with a music scene determined to celebrate itself.

Nevertheless their debut single Listen gained indie classic status , and the follow up EP Closer contained the lilting, summery Good Afternoon, which found itself re-released this year on a Cherry Red compilation Still Dreaming. Their 1990 BBC Session also gets an occasional dusting down from BBC 6 Music.

The original band were all about the songs of frontman Chris Spence, who leads his latest outfit Winners Aftershave, an older, wiser more sophisticated manifestation of the worldview first expressed in the Smugglers.

A quintessential British individuality (dare we say eccentricity) is fully present here, along with a well honed ability to craft memorable, original songs of the highest quality backed by a band who understand. Believing very much in the ethos that an album should be a collection of great songs which stand together as a whole, there is strength in depth here from the glamtastic Spandex Reflex to the intense and paranoid The Darkness and off the rails drama of Hotel Avenir.

Winners Aftershave believe in captivating the listener from start to end. Trust them. They know what they're doing



Hi Kids

I had recently received a copy of your Winning Aftershave. After a quick fondle i put it on the other day, and was so pleasantly blown away by the abiding quality of the songs and production.

After 2 good openers the weight of album tracks carry it through with what i perceive as marvellous Magazine/David Bowie/Pink Floydy/Beatley nuances for example.

This was no bedroom romp with a 4 track, (although the chaps bogarts on the back do blur a few distinctions), this is a fine recording

P. Gabriel


... "an album that's come from out of the blue but as it's superb, we won't deny ourselves the pleasure...."
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Bernard Tappaz, DJ Radio Campus Grenoble


"I bloody love it ....worth every penny to these ears!"

Mark Gwilliam­ Dove


"Wow. I really liked what I heard. The vibe really jived with me. Best,"


WBCR Summer Manager


Desperate please, CD, Digital

Plus Indie Pop que Psyché Rock. Bien qu’indéniablement psychédélique mais tellement loin de la scène des minets scolaires actuelle. Winners Aftershave a développé un style personnel où s’amalgame Pop / Post Punk / Rock dans un esprit de syncrétisme libre et ouvert, bien dans l’esprit de ce qui se fait de mieux actuellement.

Il faut imaginer la rencontre d’un Marc Bolan pré T Rex, avec le Adam & The Ants du premier album (une référence que je ne dégaine pas souvent) des Nits très en forme avec un soupçon de The Fall pour corser le cocktail. Et même un poil de Madchester pour le rendre plus addictif.

Le song writing est ciselé au minimètre ! Quant à l’interprétation elle met en relief toutes les qualités des chansons pour en sublimer les mélodies et le charme ! Putain de merde j’ai déjà trouvé le disque du mois prochain de Voix de Garage !

Bernard Tappaz

More like indie pop than psychedelic rock. Although undeniably with hints of psychedelia, the album is a million miles from the current slavish fashion victims that pretend to the style. Winners Aftershave have chosen their own path, mixing pop, post­punk and rock with effortless ease and is up there with the best there is in the genre.

Imagine pre-T Rex Marc Bolan meets Adam and the Ants first album (and I don't use that comparison lightly), with the best of The Nits and a pinch of The Fall to spice things up. Add a soupçon of Madchester to make a class A drug. The songwriting is precision engineering! As for the recording, it brings out the dynamics of the songs to enhance the melodies and the irresistable charm of the album!

Fuck me, I have found the "Voix de Garage" album of the month!

Bernard Tappaz